Guðrún Sigríður Haraldsdóttir is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, born in Iceland and currently based in East London.

She creates scalable, multi sensual, site-specific, public and private art pieces, installations and designs – either from client’s briefs or self-generated. Since training in the U.K. as a Theatre Designer she has worked internationally on a range of projects; in theatre, film, television and museums; and as public artist, lead artist and artist in residence. Guðrún´s work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the UK, Iceland, Denmark and Germany – including ‘fragments:remains’ in the Green Room Studio, Soho London; ‘Architectural Memories’ Hoxton Hall, London; Quadratshow, Druck Dealer, Hamburg; and ´á:lit´/´a:view´ Member of the month show,  SÍM Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland. She has worked with Icelandic film director Kristín Jóhannesdóttir on the feature film ‘As in Heaven’ and for all major Theatres of Iceland. Guðrún was an Artist in Residence at Reykjavik Municipal Archives in Iceland in 2014 and at The Florence Trust Studios, London. She was shortlisted for the MARSH Award for Excellence in public sculpture in 2014 – for Array at The North Gate Bus station, Northampton, UK.

Primary concerns within Guðrún´s art work are memories and perceptions, spanning from the personal to the universal, and examination of our various ways of coping and making sense of our existence and surroundings. The site specific installations often respond to the history of the site and explore the idea of what “site specific memories” might still linger in the air. Whereas smaller pieces tend to examine the more personal memories, emotions and state of mind;  occasionally drawing on her own experiences, but more often concerned with the collective passing down of opinions and patterns of behavior, and how those might leave imprints in our existence and environment.