“recalling” – “revealing” – “remaining”

“recalling” – “revealing” – “remaining”

“recalling” – “revealing” – “remaining”, a Public Art Commission, 20 Grafton Street, Westminster, London, UK

The piece is based on street maps of the site – from the earliest to date.

Text on plaque:
Inspired by the street plan and the new façade’s form and rhythm, the piece appears as an archaeological investigation, an erosion of the façade, carefully carving away layer after layer of history, revealing the fossil imprints and lingering shadows of a medieval orchard, the site’s earliest identity. The present sun casts a shadow of the canopy, aligning different levels and plan forms of the site’s evolution through history, searching for the relationship between past and present time.

Agreed and approved by Westminster Public Art Committee. Commissioned by Mowlems. Architects Blair Associates.

I worked closely with the Architect to ensure suitable integration between the building and the piece, including gaining the maximum effect of the shadows formed by the canopy “gliding down the piece”. And I worked closely with the engineers, contractor and project manager to ensure the best hanging solutions as well as working process.