Am I ?

Am I?

Am I? – a multimedia installation including large scale digital printing and soundscape.


The installation explores identity and sense of self  – the multi-layered and often ambiguous and contradictory information that we draw from in the creation of our identity or self-image. Examines questions such as: Am I who I think I am? – Am I who others think I am? – Or am I who I think others think I am?

The soundscape was created by musician Mark McGlynn and the voices are Robbie Curran’s and Clare Maybury’s.
[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Am I? was a part of First Friday event on the 1. July 2011“Is it me?”, including a selection from Yves de Contades’s Fantasy Portrait series, accompanied by a psychological interpretation by award winning psychologist Dr Cecilia d’Felicea. The exhibition continued until 29. July 2011 at the  Marine Studios, 17 Albert Square, Margate, Kent.